Fake Enamel Charms – A Disgraceful Practice

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DraculaSomething is irritating me.  I'm a big advocate of full disclosure when selling vintage jewelry on the internet.  I think it's contemptible to lie about the condition, origin, or age of jewelry to make a buck.  It happens a lot so it's very important to learn as much as possible as a buyer in order to avoid being taken.  I believe in most cases this is a result of an uneducated seller, which is wrong but forgivable.  But there are cases of outright deceit and these photographs are examples of my point.  These charms are  sold as "vintage enamel".  They may be vintage, but I can't really tell because they are covered up with so much PAINT!  The definition of enameled jewelry quoted from "Charms and Charm Bracelets" written by Joanne Schwartz, is "A glass-like decorative surface produced by fusing colored powdered glass onto metal".  These charms are covered with enamel paint and sold as vintage enamel charms.  I'm not against selling painted charms, I don't like the lying about the enamel part.  It's a case of buyer beware folks.  If you like cute little painted charms go for it.   If you're looking for vintage collectible jewelry do your homework before you buy useless garbage.

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Fake Enamel Charms - A Disgraceful Practice
A sample of deceitful practices of bad charm seller practices.


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Wanda Fitzgerald is a Florida native and an vintage charm collector who loves to share her adventures in an e-commerce jewelry business with anyone who is interested.

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  1. Nicki Hale says:

    I bought some of these charms. (not the ones pictured but some of the other ones) I learned a lesson! I wrote and asked the seller about those and he told me that he buys vintage and then paints them. A valuable lesson! You should always contact the seller before you bid if you are in doubt!

  2. jade says:

    There are a lot of fakes on ebay. Yes they do enamel charms and sell them as vintage which is a disgrace, this also happens with the nuvo charms and know of a seller who is enamelling nuvos but i can tell straight away and the double diamond mark is not nuvo, the factory was taken over by a man who then decided to mark his charms with the signature nuvo. The double diamond stamp was before nuvo took over. Buyer beware!

  3. fitzcharming says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be on the lookout for these.

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