Vintage Wells State Map Charms – How Many Slogans Do You Know?

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I've written about Wells State Map vintage charms before and many readers know I collect them.  I haven't bought any for a while though and still have about a dozen on my wish list.  I don't have them on a bracelet yet either.   I collect the colorful enamel Wells vintage state charms but I know they made some that were plain silver.   I like them because they have cities and symbols of what that particular state is famous for on the front, and then the state slogan or nickname on the back.  Some have Wells Sterling stamped on the back and some have the Top Hat hallmark.  Either way they were both sold by the Wells company in the mid 20th century.  And Wells state map charms are still pretty easy to find on eBay and other online sites at reasonable prices.

A while back I did a trivia list for my charm group to see if they could figure out the nicknames each state had printed on the back.  In most cases this corresponds with the state slogan the state has adopted, but sometimes it's different.  Maybe some of the states have updated their state slogans since Wells made these charms.  Anyway here is the trivia quiz.  Answers at the bottom.

Wells State Charm Nicknames


 Wells State Map Charm Nicknames

Alabama Wells CharmAlabama                 __ E __ __ __ W   __ __ M M __ __ State


Arizona Wells State Map CharmArizona                 G __ __ __ __   __ A __ __ O __ State


Wells Arkansas State Map CharmArkansas               Land __ __   __ __ P __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Y


Vintage Wells State Map California CharmCalifornia               __ O __ __ E __   State


Colorado Charm Wells State MapColorado               C __ __ __ __ N N __ __ __   State


Connecticut State Map Charm NicknameConnecticut           __ U __ __ __ G   State


Delaware State Nickname CharmDelaware             D __ __ M __ __ __   State


Florida Charm State Map WellsFlorida                 __ U __ __ __ __ N __ State


Vintage Wells State Map Georgia CharmGeorgia               P __ __ __ H State


Vintage Idaho State Map Enamel CharmIdaho               __ __ M  State


Illinois Enamel State Slogan CharmIllinois                 P __ __ R __ __   State


Indiana Enamel Map CharmIndiana                 __ O O __ __ __ __   State


Iowa Wells Enamel Slogan CharmIowa                     __ __ W __ __ Y __ State


Kansas Wells Enamel Map CharmKansas               S __ __ __ F __ __ __ __ State


Kentucky Charm Wells SloganKentucky            __ L __ __   __ R A __ __   State


Louisiana Enamel Map CharmLouisiana           P __ __ __ C __ __   State


Vintage Wells Enamel Maine CharmMaine               P __ __ __   __ R __ __   State


Maryland Charm Wells SloganMaryland            O __ __   __ __ N E   State


Massachusetts Wells Enamel Map CharmMassachusetts   __ A __   State


Michigan Charm Enamel WellsMichigan           __ O __ V __ __ __ N __   State


Minnesota Enamel Vintage Charm JewelryMinnesota         __ O P __ __ __   State


Vintage Wells Enamel Jewelry Mississippi CharmMississippi         M __ G __ __ __ I __   State


Missouri Charm Wells EnamelMissouri             __ __ __ W   __ E_ State


Wells New Hampshire Charm Vintage JewelryNew Hampshire   __ R __ __ I __ __   State


Vintage Wells New Jersey Sterling Silver CharmNew Jersey       __ A __ __ E __   State


Vintage Sterling Silver New York Charm BraceletNew York         __ M P __ __ __ State


North Carolina Bracelet Charm Sterling Silver EnamelNorth Carolina   __ A __   H __ __ __   State


Vintage Wells Sterling Silver Ohio CharmOhio                  B __ __ __ __ Y __ State


Oklahoma Charm Enamel Sterling MapOklahoma         __ O O __ __ __   State


Vintage Jewelry Wells Silver Pennsylvania CharmPennsylvania     K __ Y __ __ __ N __   State


Vintage Silver Wells South Carolina CharmSouth Carolina P __ __ M __ __ __ O State


Tennessee Charm Vintage State Map SloganTennessee        __ __ __   N T __ __ R   State


Texas Charm Vintage State Map SloganTexas                L __ __ __   S __ __ __   State


Vermont Bracelet Charm Enamel MapVermont           G __ __ __ __   __ O __ __ T A __ __   State


Virginia Charm Wells NicknameVirginia       C __V__ __ __ E __  State


West Virginia Charm Wells NicknameWest Virginia   __ O U __ __ __ __ N State


Washington Charm Wells Sterling Silver EnamelWashington     E __ E __ __ __ __ E __ State


Wisconsin Charm Wells Sterling Silver EnamelWisconsin         B __ __ __ __ R   State


Vintage Wells Silver Wyoming Bracelet Charm

Wyoming         E __ __ A __ __ __ Y  State


United States Wells Vintage Jewelry Charm

God Bless America

United States Wells Vintage Jewelry Charm

Scroll down to see the answers.....






Alabama            Yellow Hammer State
Arizona            Grand Canyon State
Arkansas        Land of Opportunity
California        Golden State
Colorado        Centennial State
Connecticut        Nutmeg State
Delaware        Diamond State
Florida            Sunshine State
Georgia         Peach State
Idaho            Gem State
Illinois        Prarie State
Indiana         Hoosier State
Iowa            Hawkeye State
Kansas            Sunflower State
Kentucky         Blue Grass State
Louisiana        Pelican State
Maine            Pine Tree State
Maryland        Old Line State
Massachusetts        Bay State
Michigan        Wolverine State
Minnesota        Gopher State
Mississippi        Magnolia State
Missouri        Show Me State
Montana            Treasure State
New Hampshire        Granite State
New Jersey        Garden State
New Mexico        Land of Enchantment
New York        Empire State
North Carolina        Tarheel State
North Dakota      Flickertail State
Ohio            Buckeye State
Oklahoma        Sooner State
Pennsylvania        Keystone State
Rhode Island - Little Rhody
South Carolina        Palmetto State
South Dakota - Coyote State
Tennessee        Volunteer State
Texas             Lone Star State
Vermont            Green Mountain State
Virginia        Cavalier State
West Virginia        Mountain State
Washington        Evergreen State
Wisconsin        Badger State
Wyoming            Equality State

States not on the List:

Not produced - these were not US states at the time Wells was selling these charms:

States I don't have in my collection:

Nebraska Cornhusker State
Nevada     Sage State
Oregon - Beaver State
Utah - Beehive State

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Vintage Wells State Map Charms - How Many Slogans Do You Know?
See if you can guess the state nicknames stamped on he back of my vintage Wells state map charms. I give hints.


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  1. Michele says:

    I love these Wells state charms. I have been building a bracelet with them and have about 24 on the bracelet so far. It seems the ones from the eastern states and California are the easiest to find for some reason. My bracelet is so colorful that I really enjoy wearing it! Thanks for all of the info here, Wanda!

  2. fitzcharming says:

    You’re welcome and thanks for your comment. I just won an auction for the Montana charm on eBay. I haven’t received it yet. Since I wrote this post I have put my charms on a temporary bracelet in alphabetical order. I’ll take a picture and add to the post soon, maybe after I get the Montana charm added.

  3. Claire Taylor says:

    I have about 19 state charms that I picked up in local gas stations along my travels. They were probably under $3 (This was in the early 80’s). Mine don’t have anything on the back for the most part, a few have a Taiwan stamp & 1 has sterling. Do you know if these are different than the Wells co you’re talking about? Some of the artwork is the same but the main color may be different. Do you know if these are still being sold & where?

  4. fitzcharming says:

    The charms that are marked Taiwan may be silverplated. Wells charms either have the name or a top hat symbol on the back. I find lots of enamel state travel charms on eBay and Etsy. Thanks for your comment.

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